myTIZO art·wear

~THE NEW ReMe Collection~

the reMe collection 
rePurposed leather, textiles, and fashion accessories trimmed with myTIZO art wear for rare must-haves!


2014 reMe collection

rePurposed leather

( 2.25 in x 3 in)

Dream Weaver

2014 reMe collection

basket weave textile

​(1.5 in x 3 in)



congratulations to our "name it" contest winner Christine S.
of Springville, UT


jet black onyx stone

named by customer 
Nancy F. of San Mateo, CA




left (1.75 in x .75 in)
center (1.75 in x .75 in)
right (1.5 in x 1 in)

Path to Oz

green, blue, black

(2.5 in x1.5 in)

"NOTE" color at 
END of check-out

"The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick."  
~L. Frank Baum


(2 in x 1.75 in)
​(2.50 in x 2.25 in)


left (2.25 in x 1.75 in) 
right (2.25 in x 2 in) 

Fleur De Swirl

open center

sm/med (2.75 in x .1.25 in) 
 lg (3.5 in x 1.5 in)

shown on our Basic Slide

Fleur De Swirl

filled center

sm/med (2.5 in x 1.25 in) 
 lg (3 in x 1.5 in)

shown on our Basic Slide
Crazy Daisy 

“Tread lightly, she is near/ Under the snow/ Speak gently, she can hear/ The daisies grow.”
~Oscar Wilde

med (2.5 in x 2.5 in) 
lg (3 in x 3 in) 


sm/med (2 in x 2 in) 
lg (3 in x 3 in)

“He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower.”
~Mary Howitt

Ally Heart

shown on complimentary 
black cord

Simple and adorable, named for a very special Indiana girl, Ally!

"If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain"
~ShareEmily Dickinson
**An occasional buff and shine with a silver polish cloth is all your MyTIZO should require. **
Photographs by Thomas Bertolacini and Laura Pope

myTIZO pendants come with a
complimentary 30" black cord.  Perfect
to slip over the neck or adjust as you wish.


2014 reMe collection

rePurposed leather embellishment

(1.5 in x  3.25 in)


black cylinder ceramic stone with open center

named by long time customer
Amy S. of Bloomington, IN
designed by my daughter Sophie

recycled aluminum
feather light!

(1.5 in x 1.5 in)

matching Sophie Sunshine bracelet 


Mojave Mood

dark amber colored glass, with white edging 

Flight          (2.75 in x 1.5 in)

blue, brown, aqua, green

(2.25 in x1 .75 in)

"NOTE" color at
END of check-out
(3 in x.75 in) sm/med
(3.75 in x 1.25 in) lg

black, blue, green, 
(silver bead sold out)

(2.75 in x 1.25 in)

"NOTE" color at
END of check-out



 (3.5 in x 2.25 in)

"Conscience: self-esteem with a halo."
~Irving Layton

Genie in a Bottle

(1.75 in x 1.25 in) 

named by long time customer
Terri S. of Bloomfield, IN


shown on our Basic Slide 

“My belief is that to have no wants is divine.”
~Socrates quotes

Amish Acres 
2nd place,
Red Ribbon award
Nappanee, Indiana

shown on Basic Slide

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.”
~Drew Barrymore


shown on our Basic Slide 

sm/med ( 1 in x .75 in)
lg ( 1.75 in x 1 in)



“Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man's being”
~Orison Swett Marden


shown on complimentary
black cord

“The essence of true friendship is to make allowances for another's little lapses.”
~David Storey quotes